Yarn Bowls - Soft Ivory Tones

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The yarn bowl is one of our most popular items.
Your Yarn Bowl will hold any ball of yarn while still fitting comfortably in your lap. Now you can work on your knitting or crochet projects anywhere without worrying about the yarn rolling away and picking up lint or debris and having your kitty-cat interfering with your project. Working with two balls of yarn at once? Get two yarn bowls and say goodbye to tangles and frustration. The curved cutout keeps the strand secure so that it feeds smoothly, and there is even an additional hole to assure a more secure yarn feed if the curved feed doesn't work for you. Stop chasing after runaway yarn and get back to enjoying your craft!

This bowl features a rich, creamy satin finish with sections of speckles. Trimmed and finished on the potters wheel with durable porcelain clay and then carved, this yarn bowl is beautifully detailed and will hold up for years to come. The bottom has been sanded smooth to prevent scratching your table top.

It is dishwasher safe. Measures 3" H x 6" W. Signed and dated by the artist: Dan Saultman
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