Urn - "Sundown". Porcelain with stainless steel and applied, fired-in painting on front.

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"Sundown" Urn.

It has taken two years to complete this series. For years it surfaced in my sketchbooks. Little by little it began to take shape in my three dimensional thinking. The first year resulted in making four urns that were all white. The lids and neck were a challenge because they were ovals which meant they were difficult to get lids to fit properly. I knew that I wanted a graphic or a painting for the front, so I set to work trying to emulate the little marker sketch I had noodled out years before. For about three months of working in Photoshop I finished a painting similar to the sketch. Finding a supplier for a full-color decal was another obstacle. The first supplier's colors were dull and the decals wrinkled and didn't fit properly. The box shapes were a problem. They distorted. Some cracked. I pressed onward. The final pieces are here for you to look over and judge whether they were worth it. I Like them. I'm gong to continue with them - tweaking them as I go.

They measure 6" tall x 4" deep x 11-1/2" high. They can be a mantle piece art piece, a funerary container etc.

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