Tree Mugs with Beautiful Blue colors. Porcelain with our custom-designed "Tree" graphic that is fired-in for durability.

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Limited Selection of great Blue Mugs and Trees!
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The Acacia Tree is a symbol of the trees of the African Plains. Twisted and distorted, they are emblematic of the trials all of us go through. They are a popular symbol of the "tree". This "Tree" graphic designed by us is fired into the base glaze in a separate firing step to fuse the Tree image into the base glaze. This makes it permanent. It will not fade or wash off.
The glazes are blue variations that we have been working on from our own recipes. There are three different blues for you to select from. look closely. Each mug is handled like a little piece of art. They are tributes to the careful, thoughtful craftsmanship that is part of this studios style and ethic. Collectors pieces as well as functional products. This series is the result of a limited firing.
The mugs are lined with a clean, tidy, white glaze that is easily kept clean in the dishwasher and warmed easily in the microwave.
They measure 3" wide x 4-1/2" tall. They hold 1 cup (8oz). This is currently a limited edition group.
The pieces are signed on the bottom with a stamp and a date. Dan Saultman
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Thanks for looking. Dan

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