Mug - Knobsters! Unique Knob Handles. Cascading Gold Colors. A mug like no one elses. Porcelain

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Here's a unique knob handle that offers a special look to these mugs. The design is an ongoing handle design I am working on. They are limited, one-of-a-kind pieces that can capture a mark of time as a timely gift. With an exclusive, unique, handle designed in our studio this mug offers a soft understated look and elegance. It features a glossy interior glaze that is microwave and dishwasher safe. The Gold, Cascading exterior glaze has a soft satin finish feel to it with active dynamics that show what glazes can do when they run in a controlled fashion. This glaze has been crafted over several years to achieve this effect. All glazes are perfectly safe. Fired at 2300F in a gas kiln. This mug is the kind that is hand-built and carefully smoothed and finished. This is not factory-work, but a hands-on approach to ceramics.

It measures 5" high x 3-1/4 wide. Holds 2 oz. Bottom signed by Dan Saultman.

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