Mug - Demi-size a little smaller than a regular mug size. Porcelain. Coffee or Juice!

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UNIQUE "POST HANDLE. Easy on your hand and cool to the touch. Great for hot or cool drinks.
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The Perfect Gift!
Demi Mugs are perfect for a smaller cup of coffee or tea at your desk.

This glaze features a speckled Turquoise pattern with little pools of micro-crystals. The finish is a semi gloss that is resistant to soiling and stains. The handle has a "Post" design. Easy to get your hand on. The lid is a creamy Turquoise. The inside is glazed a tough, sanitary white for easy cleaning.

This piece has a recessed lid to keep your drink hot longer.
All glazes are food-safe and dishwasher/microwave compatible.

Your Demi Mug Holds 1 cup (8oz) 4-1/2" high x 3" wide.
Made of fine porcelain fired in a gas kiln to cone 10.
Bottom is tagged with "Dan Saultman"
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