Cup - Half N Half Blue, Porcelain perfect for hot or cold drinks.

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As in any studio you end up with a few pieces that are "Orphans". They don't belong to any grouping. Sometimes they are a test for a new glaze. In a sterile white background photo it doesn't have the impact it will have setting on your counter-top or desk. The featured colors are Beautiful blue tones divided into half lighter on the top, darker bottom half. Inside is glazed with a tough,easily cleanable gloss white glaze. Cups are microwave and dishwasher safe. No worries about toxic glazes. Perfectly safe! Here's a perfect understated gift for your favorite person or yourself.

Cup Measurements: 3-1/4" wide x 5" tall. Holds 16 oz. (2 cups)

Bottom is tagged with the maker - Dan Saultman

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