Canisters White Porcelain stainless steel band

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Storage jars featuring pure white quiet design
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Here it is. It does not compete - it enhances the room the space, the counter top.
Pure, glossy white with a polished stainless steel band. Some folks just want "White". Nothing else will do. Here they are!
Pretty in the kitchen, pretty in the bathroom, pretty in the office on the book shelves. Striking understated elegance.

and assembled from multiple pieces, then followed up with applied

stainless steel banding. These pieces have been on a long road to

completion. The pieces measure 5" wide x 5" long x 8" tall. The

practical details are that they are made from high-fired porcelain and

glazed with a tough, glossy white glaze inside and out.


original forms and molds took months to produce. Whether you want one

or a group of them they will be a beautiful compliment to your room.

Additional pieces in the series will be forthcoming. Look for them to add to your collection.

DISHWASHER SAFE. Non-toxic glazes always. Stamped and dated. Dan Saultman

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