Butter Dish - Soft "Butter Milk" satin finish glaze is still easily washable. A unique design exclusively from our studio.

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The beauty of original designs and a hand-friendly knob on top.
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The gentle "Butter Milk" glaze on this piece has a beautiful, soft satin finish. It is till easily cleaned and resistant to stains. This is the miracle of "High-fired" Porcelain, where each piece is a signature of remarkable originality, brought by mother nature and the heat of a very hot oven where glazes turn into melting glass. The handle consists of a large knob for easy handling. The inside of the lid is glazed with a white glossy glaze.

It measures 6" long for the butter top lid and 9" for the under-plate.
It can withstand dishwasher treatment.
All glazes are completely food safe.
Signed and dated by the artist: Dan Saultman

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