BrushStroke Canisters

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Unique "BrushStroke" canisters of porcelain
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Crafted and assembled from multiple pieces, then followed up with applied original graphics. These pieces have been on a long road to completion. The pieces measure 5" wide x 5" long x 8" tall. The practical detials are that they are made from high-fired porcelain and glazed with a tough, glossy white glaze inside and out. The graphics were developed from original brush strokes and then created into two-color decals that were fired into the base glazed surface. The graphics (fired this third time) provides an indelible image that is impervious to dishwashers.

The original forms and molds took months to produce. The brush stroke graphics were selected from hundreds originally created. Out of ten made only four have made the final finish line. They are a token of understated hard work and beauty. Only a small amount of them will be produced. Whether you want one or a group of them they will be a beautiful compliment to your room.

Additional pieces in the series with changing graphics will be forthcoming. Look for them to add to your collection.

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