Bowls - Kitchen bowl set of 5 - Porcelain, Eggplant Purple.

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This five-bowl set features a glossy, bright egg-plant purple glaze that has generous light blue undertones.

It is a unique one-of-a-kind set. All of the surfaces have this buttery soft feel to them. This is what hand-made pottery is all about. Not factory. Somebody carefully handled these pieces dozens of times to make them.

Soup or cereal bowls. Practical? Yes.

Bowls are an enduring and a vital part of every kitchen cupboard. Send a kid off to college, give a give that will forever be part of your love - a set of bowls. These bowls are deliberately crafted with a thick wall to serve as a tough work-horse. These bowls are able to handle a full can of grocery-store soup. If you are a single person just starting out get yourself a couple of bowls to start out your kitchen set. A set that that will forever cast a remembrance.

They measure 3-1/5" high x 5-3/4" wide and hold 2 cups (16 oz).

The two smaller bowls measure 1.) 5-1/4 wide x 2-1/2" high (11 oz).

2.) 5" wide x 2-1/4" high (7 oz).

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