Bowl - Smaller Size Mixing bowl. Porcelain Thrown on the potters wheel.

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THE MIXING BOWL 8-1/4" x 6-1/4 tall"

A mixing bowl is a revered tool. It speaks to you. It captures a look on the counter when your working. These mixing bowls are designed with a completely "Round" bottom so that mixing is better than a "Flat" bottomed bowl. A mixing bowl is also a file cabinet on the counter. It;s where you throw your kitchen towels, keep fresh vegetables in a little nest with towels underneath. It is the go-to for bread making. It is the coolest thing you bring to church with Potato Salad. It is an icon. A once-buy that marks a moment where an important, elegant kitchen tool is gathered.
The esthetic. These bowls have a wonderful crafted roundness, a beauty that is watched and cared for. These are pretty as well as functional.
Each one can hold up to microwave and dishwasher machines.
The glazes are tough and non-toxic.

Signed on the bottom by Dan Saultman 2020

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