Bowl Mixing - Beautiful Gold tones. Potato Salad, Popcorn, Table top Fruit Display

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Bowls never run out of favor or uses. A big bowl is a part of every ones kitchen serving cupboard. It's potato salad, chips, popcorn, salad and a big batch of spaghetti. You walk in with this bowl-full of your favorite dish and your done. Put it on the table and walk away, baby. This Bowl is a husky item weighing a little over 3 lbs. It's 10-1/2" wide x 5" tall. The bottom foot has been hand-sanded to protect fine finishes. This is a great GIFT, and a great TOOL. Made of high-fired stoneware fired in a gas kiln to 2300 F it features our hand-mixed glazes. The inside is glazed a tough glossy white. The outside offers this endless wonder of speckled Gold wood tones.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Signed and dated - Dan Saultman

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