Beer Stein with Polished Stainless Steel hinge and detailing for the Beer Stein Collector

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After the great plague of the middle ages subsided, another pestilence

came upon the land. Small flies. They blanketed Germany. It had been

learned that germs were the reason that the terrible illnesses had

spread. So the beer halls and beer gardens were ordered by government

ordinance to cover all beer mugs with a cover to keep the flies out of

the drinks. Someone came up with a hinged lid and the lidded beer stein

was born.

Beer Steins have always fascinated me. They require

mechanical expertise as well as an elegant, tall profile. This one,

although functional, is really a collector's piece. It is a

one-of-a-kind art piece that has no equal. Even the knob on top has a

story. The knob was salvaged from an old farmhouse years ago by one of

my brothers. The gold-toned glaze is a satin-finished original glaze

formula. The inside is glazed a tough white glossy glaze which makes it

completely functional. All of the metal work is hand-forged in my metal

shop from polished stainless steel that will not rust or discolor. The

metal-work is welded directly on the ceramic piece; building it as you

go. This is a truly commanding piece. It measures 9-3/4 high x 4-1/2

wide at the base. It holds 34 oz. (A little over two cups) The average

bottle of beer is 12 oz. So this holds 2-1/2 bottles of beer. Proust!


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