Mug - BLUES! A Series of blue mugs with unique handles. Porcelain Clay

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HANDLE DESIGNS VARY. We will try to match the handle design you like but designs vary. Please expect variations in handle styles when you order.
Here's a dramatic series of mugs with wonderful handle detailing and textures. They are made of porcelain, the best of fine clays. The insides of the mugs are lined with a a tough, easily cleanable white glossy glaze. They have been fired (cooked) in an oven, gas fired at a temperature that is called, "cone 10" - 2300F. This firing method and finesse yields a very unique and personal style - A unique vision of "Art".
That's what makes your purchase a commentary, a vote, thank you.
The glazes are NON-TOXIC and hand-mixed from our on-going glaze recipes. The quest for cool glaze combinations and colors is an ongoing experimental odyssey.
DISHWASHER & MICROWAVE SAFE! Tagged with "Dan Saultman" on the bottom.
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