Dan Saultman

Dan Saultman was born in Flint, Michigan.
He received his degree in Industrial Design in Brooklyn, New York at Pratt Institute.
He has been an artist and ceramist for many years.
He currently has a pottery studio outside of Detroit where he's been for the last fifteen years.
His work represents a functional approach to Design in Kitchen, Bath and Decorative Accents; using wheel thrown and cast porcelain.
He likes to blend polished stainless steel into his ceramic pieces.
There is this contrast from soft clay to the hard surfaces of metal that add a media harmony.
Sometimes I think about where my career has taken me. Why would someone choose clay. I could have pursued other higjer-money-making artistic skills, but it was clay that shook my world and kept me interested. There was something there that had all of the elements that I needed. ..three dimensions;, and also a graphical, artistic,"image" aspect.
Using Molds and the Casting process.

I make custom molds from my hand-made masters. This method allows me to cast the bodies of mugs, cups and bowls. The molds are not a cheat but a way to establish uniformity. Once a Mug body comes out of a mold, after being cast with liquid clay, it is put on the potters wheel and cleaned, trimmed and burnished which gives the body a smooth almost mirror-like finish. Handles are then hand-pulled. Like pulling taffy, the handles are then bent and attached to the mug bodies and a little thumb bump is added as a signature detail. Each mug is handled and touched at least 20 times before it is done. each mug is lined with a white glossy glaze the exterior glaze is applied and then another step occurs when the lip of the mug is dipped to assure a nice round mouth-friendly surface.
Mugs are finally "fired" in a special gas oven that takes 12 hours to reach a temperature of 2300F


Bio of Dan